10:58 am, May 29, 2015

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    for no pay if you're 'excepted'...maybe you'll get it (as in 95/96) or maybe you won't! How long can you hold out until it's over? That's the question! Back then, everyone put on a brave front until the second week rolled around...then things got dicey! However, today, the economy really sucks and gas prices are outrageous! Overall commuting costs are sky high! When you're commuting in after the 2nd week, one really wonders what the heck all this is for! The 'business attire' quickly goes out the window because of dry cleaning expenses, with or without management approval, and wash and wear is the name of the game! Restriction on outside employment? Balderdash! People will take care of themselves as before and will work part-time without 'permission'! Don't think so? Then you weren't here in 95/96! The work flow is going to be slowed down tremendously and many days will be spent just idling around! THEN, you'll begin to wonder just what is all this for? Why am I being made a sacrificial lamb and spending possible food and living money to come in to work? The 'non-exempt' people will actually have a better situation by not having to waste money commuting and also be around for near full-time part-time employment! Publish this, Mr Causey, and let the 'uninitiated' know what REALLY is going to happen! No guts, no glory!
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  • Filing for unemployment
    Larry C
    If we are furloughed I wonder how the administration is going to like all of the Feds and Contractors filing for unemployment on Monday?
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