8:14 am, May 22, 2015

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  • MSB Reinstates VA Executive
    I think there is another story here. The press release appears to point up shocking behavior and practices by the VA OIG. Scheming for bonuses? Altering testimony? Destroying evidence? Who is looking into the VA OIG? http://ggilbertlaw.com/index.php/news/judge_rules_department_of_veterans_affairs_violated_employees_rights
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  • Business as usual
    To any of us who work for the VA this is not news. Instead of using processes in place to determine what needs to be fixed they determine who to go after. I'm surprised that any employees come forward with hotline or any other complaints. Federal agencies do not look at this as an opportunity to find out what they can do better. They use it to search and destroy the employee.
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  • Response to Gary M. Gilbert & Associates Press Release
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