3:17 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Really??
    Big Joe
    The last thing I want is my manager to tell me I've valued..... I know I'm not. Congress has made that abundantly clear. What I would like, however, is information regarding the furlough. Its sad when I learn more about my agency and the furlough from FederalNewsRadio than my employer.......
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  • psychoanalyzing the federal worker during the shutdown
    My smile will be wider than my face!!! I can only hope we have one. I am completely worn out from all the work the govt has for us to get done. Please, bring on the shutdown. I need a break!!!
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  • Repercussions will be HUGE
    Lisa Lisa
    On so many levels, this shutdown, if it goes beyond the weekend, will have impacts not only to the federal worker but to the public as well. There will be repercussions at the voting booth thats for sure. I think its safe to say that millions of federal workers will be united at the voting booth (and the many state workers of this country-particularly Wisconsin). The law makers of this country have had over 6 months to pass a budget and a deal hasnt been struck. Both sides are making grave errors when pandering to interest groups that can cause a stalemate and pee off a lot of people. One thing lawmakers need to understand, its all fine and good to battle it out as long as it doesnt affect peoples family, health, education, interest rates, the price per gallon of gas, retirement, and pay. Like anything else in life, most people could care less until it affects them personally. We have people at my fed workplace that were behind the repubs and voted for them, now they walk around with deer in headlights because gee, now, they will lose pay andpay increases. I cant help but give the I-told-you-so look back in return. Do you think my agency has said anything all of these months about a furlough? Nadda. Nothing. Zilch. I learned everything from Fed News Radio. People will be PO'd at their agencies for not at least sharing the what if scenario in identifying people that WOULD be affected. There is nothing wrong to let your people know that IF a shutdown occurs, that Joe Employee A & B would be affected. Wouldnt it make sense to let them know so that they can save some money should it come down to it. This tight lip stuff is wrong. Its a disservice to an agencies employees and THATS where the feeling of being devalued comes from-from your own agency not thinking enoug of you to let you know in advance that as an employee you could be furloughed. As for the public and as proof, cutbacks have affects to the public. Look at the FAA with permitting only 1 Air Traffic Controller for the midnight shift for 4 straight nights at an OPEN airport. Look at all of the problems we had a few years ago with those FAA inspectors that inspect aircraft-they were paid off by the airliones to look the other way and now you have the B-737's being inspected for failures on the fuselage. It affects public safety just like reducing the missions of the FDA, USDA, EPA and other fed watchdogs. Take away their oversight power and all of those corporations that were being eyeballed will now be loving it because that means, less people to inspect the oil rigs, less oversight of safe new drugs on the market, less oversight of chicken and eggs and beef, more pollutants. No one wins in a furlough except big business and those special interest groups. The public loses big time.
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  • Typical MIS Management
    If the leaders of this country (including the President) learn ANYTHING from this possible shutdown, it is the sheer mis-management of the total government, from the top down! There are just too many people in management position that are worthless, untrained, vindictive, very biased and totally unaware how to handle and apply the merit principles! Our command leaders HIDE in their offices while the work force sit and bite their nails. We even had a command leader brief us and told us that won't be a shutdown and not to worry about it. He claimed all top leaders on down analyze this and they state there will be no shutdown. They treat us like SHEEPLE! They don't think we can read the news and analyze actions and opinions ourselves. We are told from various federal news sources that if a shutdown happens, we must report to work so we can be TOLD to go home. HOW STUPID IS THAT! They already know who is essential and who isn't. WHY must we report to work (many of us comment 1 or 2 hours to get to work) just to be told to go home when we know for a fact there is a shutdown. The incompetence in the total federal government IS management, not the workers. WHEN are the leaders going to start learning that?
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  • The 'REAL DEAL'
    You're working for no pay if you're 'excepted'...maybe you'll get it (as in 95/96) or maybe you won't! How long can you hold out until it's over? That's the question! Back then, everyone put on a brave front until the second week rolled around...then things got dicey! However, today, the economy really sucks and gas prices are outrageous! Overall commuting costs are sky high! When you're commuting in after the 2nd week, one really wonders what the heck all this is for! The 'business attire' quickly goes out the window because of dry cleaning expenses, with or without management approval, and wash and wear is the name of the game! Restriction on outside employment? Balderdash! People will take care of themselves as before and will work part-time without 'permission'! Don't think so? Then you weren't here in 95/96! The work flow is going to be slowed down tremendously and many days will be spent just idling around! THEN, you'll begin to wonder just what is all this for? Why am I being made a sacrificial lamb and spending possible food and living money to come in to work? The 'non-exempt' people will actually have a better situation by not having to waste money commuting and also be around for near full-time part-time employment! Publish this, Mr Causey, and let the 'uninitiated' know what REALLY is going to happen! No guts, no glory!
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