12:53 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • It is the managers who need to be fired!
    In my quarter century with the government, my observation is that the managers are by and large horrible. If you make it easy for them to fire people, they will fire people who might offer competition, people who refuse to brownnose, people who fight sexual harrassment, people who are different, and so forth.
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  • It is the managers who need to be fired!
    So, countingdowntoretirment, I guess its safe to say by reading your statement you never utilized EEO to combat sexual harrassment? Competition you say? Everyone has to apply for their positions and in my area you either make best qualified or you don't. I cannot stomach brown nosers so I cannot relate to that statement at all. All of my experiences in my quarter century with the government have not been wonderful, I've taken a lot of bumps and bruises along the way but I don't allow people to treat me with disrespect and I don't treat others that way either. There is nothing wrong with demanding respect and you do have a right where you don't need to fear retaliation.
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  • The crux of the issue
    I think you've identified the other side of the coin. What we really want is that exactly those people who aren't worth their salt to be fired, and no one else to be fired. If you make firing too easy, bad managers will fire people who shouldn't be. In the current system, we don't fire many people who should be. Designing a system that gets things just right is pretty hard.
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  • Thumb Up to FEDUP2
    You hit right on the nail about minorities and EEO. Tell Mr. Berry to come and see how long it takes to fire someone and what hoops you have to go through. It is a night mare for federal managers with the paper work, the fight off false allegations, and time spent on getting rid of poor performer.
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  • It takes too much time and energy to fire someone
    It takes so much time and energy to fire someone you wouldn't believe. Managers only have so much time and enery in the day and the work products of their divisioni is the bottom line. Taking time away from production to remove an employee is usually just not possible. That's why so many end up getting promoted instead- really!
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  • Often the managers don't want to be managers...
    It's just that being a manager was the only way to get their 13 or 14...because the govt doesn't seem to be able to come up with many non-supervisory 13/14's even though they are justified in many people's opinions. No, the powers that be would rather have these people become managers and make everyone miserable and bring down the morale of the division. It's a ridiculous situation....let's hire managers who want to be managers and allow the highly skilled technical folks to move beyond the GS 12 level when deserved.
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