2:24 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • BassAckwards in Charge
    Nice to see the military while fighting abroad and receiving all of their food and shelter as part of the encampment will continue to receive their checks... when they are the least likely folks to have time to afford to spend it. Let's think nothing of all the folks back home in Washington who must support their efforts in order to keep the food in their stomachs and that shelter in place; they'll be sitting without paychecks during that same timeframe. They are so naive in their understanding of the way the support systems work. I vote to let these guys write the "Idiot's Guide to Being Essential."
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  • What?
    Just me
    This is one of the flaws in using an all volunteer military. People in the rear with the beer and the gear tend to overvalue their contribution.
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