3:28 am, May 24, 2015

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  • sell stamps to Coke, Inc
    deployed decoy
    Well a few counter ideas on this truck sensor plan. First and foremost I would hazard to guess 50% of the US Mail is delivered either by contractors or part time employees in their private vehicles now. Heck I know one run that the person running the Mail is NOT a US citizen (problems with Registered to say the least) and she puts a Honda 90 in the back of her pickup to support her other part time job as a river rafter shuttle service while running the Mail. So I would suggest the fleet and personnel would both need to become US Federal. Then the sensor idea is OK for say pollution or air quality. This assumes the truck is electric so readings are not bogus. But back ground Gamma radiation is not it. The BLM runs a very good remote weather system. Installed several around ground zero to measure PM10 and sub micron dirt, asbestos and garbage in the air after 911. I worked for that team in the 90s. EPA or DoE, dont remember, had us install gamma sensors for a nationwide base line background back then. Those sensors are half the size of an office refrigerator and the power they required killed the rest of our systems all winter. The fact remains after backpacking in batteries all wither all over the west for years. There is a baseline for Gamma. Dont do it again just because you can. My idea. Allow advertizing on postage stamps. Say charge Coke or Budweiser $1 per stamp to put whatever they want on a stamp (within reason). Make the minimum run 10,000,000. That makes it worth the press set up cost and reduces the chances of making the stamps extraordinary collector items, taking them off the letters and into eBay sales. Think about it. This is the same cost as a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl. And Coke would reach an estimated 10,000,000 homes this way. The PO still sells these to the paying public at 1st Class rates, but makes a LOT of money on something that now is a rudimentary cost of doing business.
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  • Not all maintenance!
    For delivery vehicle repair and towing, many city delivery vehicles have private contract agreements between the delivery unit (station) and a corner garage or service station. The PO does not verify these private businesses that closely to be able to trust them with all this fancy equipment while repairing engines, etc. Again, this is just city delivery and this to the other comment provided as to any rural delivery and you have me wondering how this could be considered safe from theft, mischief and who knows what.
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