11:53 am, May 24, 2015

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  • I say Scottie, beam me up
    This is utterly RIDICULOUS that Congress cannot pull their heads out of their butts to get the job done. It is so easy for them to take their precious time and (during this mess a 10 day spring break vacation) when they should have been in the WH working this clutter out that they created.--This is by far "the" worst Congress I have ever seen in my lifetime.-- Each and every last one of them need to be DOCKED for holding up the budget process. It is crazy that Fed employees are FORCED to worry about how to pay their bills, put food on the table while these lame idiots are playing games. They don't have to worry about this, after all they are millionaires and will still get paid if there is a shutdown.-- What kind of justice is this BS?-- How in the heck can the USA even try to tell other countries anything when we have the biggest dictators sitting their arses in the WH?--- All of them need to be REMOVED at once. I will never vote for anyone else in this country because they are all a bunch of HYPOCRITS / LIARS.---They say cut this and cut that, but has spent 600 million in 6 days on a war that is really none of the USA business. They couldn’t give the money over to the budget, but can mess it up on another war and put the country in an even bigger debt. There are some real stupid people running this country. --Beam me up Scottie cause there is no intelligence in this country!!
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  • Pay for Performance congress
    The president and congress are advocating for federal employees a "Pay for performance" to end the stereotypical federal employee. I totally agree but lets start with Congress. They have failed to do thier job and pass a budget on time. This is the 6th CR we are currently on and a potential government shutdown. Congress sounds like poor performers-according to them, we should cut thier pay. I say for every day they are late with the budget, dock thier pay 10%. Let's see how fast we get a budget then. We are truely a capitolistic society. Nothing gets done without a pocketbood driving it.
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  • Pay for Performance congress
    People did give "Pay for Performance" when they voted to re-elect the Democrat Senate that didn't have to pass a budget for 2011, since the Democrat House did not put forth a budget for 2011. The Democrats had the White House, Senate and the House and did not put forth or pass a budget for 2011. They thought it a good political strategy to leave it in case the Republicans (especially the Tea Party Republicans) won either the House or Senate, then these current games could begin. The important part of this message is they were rewarded with re-election for not passing a budget for 2011.
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  • There you are!!
    There you are spot on. We are here because a political group decided to use this as a political football rather than doing the job they should have done last year and passing a budget. They previous congress created this mess on purpose. People need to remember why we have this problem now. It was created last year for a reason.
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