12:13 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Poor SES'ers
    You mean SES folks have to live under the same rules as the rest of us lowly GS-ers???? How awful? When I as a GS employee get a bonus, it is 1-2% of my salary. SES gets 10-15%. They get all kinds of extra perks and benefits us lowly GS-ers don't get, they can carry over 600 hrs of annual leave year to year (GS can only carry over 240 hrs). OPM needs to make things equitable, get rid of SES and put them back into the GS system so they get the same bennefits as us lowly GS-ers. In America, we have a class system and everyone accepts it?????
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  • What about the special GSers
    deployed decoy
    Well here in Kuwait as a permanent duty station, we have two camps. One the Area Support Group, funded in part with money from the documented slave state of Kuwait. Those special folks can carry over all the annual leave they want. Some people have told me they have 800 hours, in addition to the 360 hours they have on the books feds can carry over outside the USA. Me, well I am with another team. The last two years I have been ordered to use my use or lose, sitting around Kuwait in December. I think they actually thought I would come in to work with nothing better to do,m since they also refused me the free RandR flight anywhere on the planet I so desire to go. Silly them, I spent the time researching all the other CFRs, UFCs and DOD directives they violate on a daily basis. The DOD IG is inbound now. As Mike noted this week, we have outstanding lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan why feds wont do the work. One reason that management did figure out is Locality Pay. If some GS14 from DC comes to Kuwait for year temp change of station, they still get Washington DC locality pay and are protected by FLSA, thus get full time and a half on the 20 hours of OT they are bibbed with, work it or not while here. Our team again? I have not received a cent in OT since May 2009, most of us were converted off Sun-Thru to save management paying the 5% annual Sunday Pay. Many get to use up to 30 days of overseas extra vacation known as Home Leave when they go back to DC. Those of us here for 3, 5 years or longer, nope, I will lose 18 DAYS of this vacation because our HR folks cant read English. Cant wait to get as far away from these fools as I can get.
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  • SES Pay Raise Giveback!
    Celtic Wolf
    I fully respect and understand the salary differences between grades (employees, managers, and executives). I fully comprehend the reality that some individuals are unable to use their time efficiently. If an executive, or anyone, is unable to use all their annual leave during the course of a year then that should be a rare occasion. (and they, any federal employee, should be allowed to carry the time over indefinitely). As for performance bonuses, I believe since there is so much subjectivity in it to start with, that fair play should exist. All too often pay bonuses go to the highest on the food chain, rarely recognizing that the front line employee truly made the success happen. Executives (and us managers and high graded folks) are well paid to start with. What is the value of adding perks that simply are arrogant?
    Celtic Wolf
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  • OPM needs to review the continued need for all these SES positions
    Little Professor
    I work in an office in one of the agencies that has fewer than 350 people, but has eight SESers plus a political. One of the SESers has only 5 subordinates, while two others have fewer than 20. When the positions were requested for approval by OPM, the justifications stated these folks would have divisions of 50 people (or more, in one case). Soon after the position was approved, however, plans changed. And even though just about anyone will tell you, three of these positions probably are no longer needed, to quote one senior leader, "you never give back an SES position." So we will continue to complain about our budget while paying three $179,000 salaries plus five figure bonuses to positions that could be eliminated tomorrow by folding their staff under other existing SES....All of this could be changed if OPM had the staff to do a periodic review to see what happened to all those positions they approved with an eye to eliminate those that are now not needed. At a minimum, they should institute a new rule that says the agency has to go through the approval process again when an SES position becomes vacant. They also need to establish a rule about the minimum number of people that a unit must have before it can justify having an SES position as its head.
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  • SES
    It's time to do away with SES and go back to GS-16/17/18 or some equivalency.SES bonuses are way out of proportion to what bonuses GS'ers receive,especially GS managers.And I have a real problem letting SESers accumulate annual leave beyond 240 carryover.The other inequity is where SESers start earning 8 hours annual on day 1 of their career vs.the GS type working 15 years to start earning the 8.
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  • Pay Increase at DOE
    Don't understand how DOE could have thought that they could effect the pay increases when no one else did. Perhaps they should have asked someone (OPM!!!!) prior to effecting the raises, if it was proper to do so. I think they were trying to pull a fast one -I know because I once did an extensive detail at DOE. They should have to pay the money back, no matter how small it is-since no one else got it!! Think OPM better ensure that DOE does not just go ahead a give out Presidential Rank Awards also -as they are capable of taking care of the "good ole boys" -regardless of how incompetent or undeserving they are, or regardless of what is the law. It is a travesty that OPM does not change the way SESers are appointed. As it stands now, they simply pass a "paper exercise" (in which most of the candidates hire someone to adress the ECQ's for them). These people should have to go thru some more structured process (e.g. presentations, writing exercises, etc. -or something in which they cannot get the assistance of someone else to get them thru the process) in order to get OPM approval of their appointment. This would vastly improve the compenence of the SES cadre.
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