4:39 am, May 30, 2015

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  • This story is complete Bull#$it!
    The TSA was created to stop terrorism. To date they have uncovered NOT ONE SINGLE TERRORIST. Not one. So when you say there have been no successful hijackings since 9/11, it is only because terrorists haven't tried hard enough!!! Believe me, they have not given up and they will succeed, even with the security theater known as the TSA. Try to remember that the simple $7.00 an hour screeners before them went more than 20 years without a single successful hijack. Come back to us in 11 more years and let's see the TRUE comparison. And if there are none by that time, then the TSA would have spent one hundred billion dollars over the 20 years to accomplish what the private screeners did in the same timeframe for a mere tens of millions of dollars. My, what a waste. THE TSA IS A JOKE AND NOTHING MORE THAN A FALSE FRONT.
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