11:03 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Another plan to consider
    When considering the diversification of your funds in the TSP, keep in mind that you effectively already have a ton of money invested in bond funds - the defined benefit pension and social security. Assuming they survive intact, they will account for up to 2/3rds of retirement income for FERS feds. Investing in an L fund that parks more than 50% of your money in the G or (god help us) the F fund means that, overall, you could be 90+% non-equities, which is too conservative. I invest mostly in the stock funds in TSP (with a little in the G to take advantage of short term dips in the market) and will continue to do so until quite near retirement. You have to look at the whole picture and your whole portfolio when doing asset allocation. What's with the F fund, anyway? It has done well maybe 5 scattered months since inception. If we have the guaranteed and exclusive securities available to TSP in the G fund, why are we messing around with having the nearly-always underperforming F fund?
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