6:02 am, May 25, 2015

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  • teleworker's tax credit
    Excuse me, but I telecommuted for years and incurred no additional expenses by doing so. Why in the world is Wittman sponsoring an annual tax credit, i.e., cutting taxes, for federal telecommuters while simultaneously freezing federal pay, attacking federal benefits, attacking federal retirees, and smearing federal workers. Believe me folks, I live in Wittman's district and he is only out for votes from federal workers, trying to gloss over his overt attacks on federal workers and retirees. This bill deserves to go nowhere. I hope there are no more sponsors.
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  • need no further incentive
    Let's see. Telecommuters already have the benefit of no commuting, thereby saving time and costs, including auto expenses and parking, not to mention the mental stress of the daily drive. Also, lets not forget the reduction in cost of clothing and dry cleaning as they no longer need to wear a jacket tie and dress shirt to work every day. Another intangible is the pyschological break in the routine of going into the office 5 days a week, week in and week out.
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