5:17 am, May 23, 2015

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  • How about requiring managers to attend formal classes
    Lisa Lisa
    NONE of the managers in my small agency have ever gone to a class to teach them how to properly evaluate. For one, they dont tie the PDs to the performance evals. Often people are doing things they were never hired to do then are evaluated not based on their PD but on the things that management has dictated that employees do and not within their PDs and if thats not bad enough, often not permitting proper training to the employee on those tasks not in the PDs. We have a gentleman right now that has been evaluated poorly thsi rating cycle not because he cant do what his PD states, but an entirely different set of skills for which our agency has not provided training to do. He was hired with a career ladder, was able to perform well (all excellent ratings over the last 10 yrs) at his PD, but because management (many managers have come adn gone during this persons tenure) decided something different, he has received a less than stellar performance rating. In fact, what he does now, should be paid at a much higher grade and others in his office are paid 2 grades higher and he has more experience yet lacks a degree. Now the union is involved because he did not receive his career ladder, the manager did not rate according to what he was hired to do nor provide him training. During his midterm, the manager actually advised that he should attend classes, but the agency is unwilling to pay. Managers dont understand hardly ANY personnel regulations and certainly not performance evals.
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  • Berry is wrong again
    I really worry about this guy and his theories. he is suppose to be the top civilian people management guy, but he is clueless how to operate an agency, let alone a shop. So called experts have tried over many years to try and so-called "fix" the GS system and the rating system. BALONEY! Fix the bloated upper management first! As Lisa Lisa stated, managers get ZERO training. Management dictate how and what workers work on and more aften than not, direct work outside the PD. To supervisors, the PD is nothing. Those PDs were created for a purpose. But over the years, and with the corrupt NSPS, they got flushed down the drain, or supervisors point to that "And Other Duties as Assigned" garbage. THAT alone needs to be priority in Mr. Berry agenda. Him and his upper management need to have proper PD's created and mandatorily STICK to them. Managers are hired or promoted because sometimes they were good workers (or they are relative/friends to good old boys). Many are CLUELESS how the GS system works, how the current rating system works and how to manage period. And if anything else in my post Mr. Berry doesn't get... he NEEDS to get this.. THERE IS NO TRAINING FUNDS and what little there are.. it is the first thing that gets cut!
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