12:21 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • G fund is as safe as the $
    deployed decoy
    Well the G fund might be safe, by law. But that law assumes a few things. One, that they will follow said law. Two, that the USA Is not owned and operated by the Chineese or GCC (formally known as OPEC) when this is over. Three, assuming the USA is still here and 1 & 2 do not apply, that runaway inflation results in $1,000 bills being printed my the Billions to replace the $1 bill, effectivly reducing the amout of money they need to replace into your and my G funds by 1000 times.
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  • I have more money in my Au fund than in my G fund
    Buffalo Bob
    The Au fund is safer than the G fund. For one thing, you can't print more of the Au fund.
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