10:11 am, May 27, 2015

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  • State Department report on needed investment
    Talk about poor timing. As all experienced Feds know - regardless of agency - reagrdless of what agency they happen to work for, training is the first in line to take it in the neck cutwise whenever the word is put out to tighten belts on discretionary apending, as is not the case yet again. The report discussed in the article is inevitably destined to repose on some elctronic shelf (no doubt gathering the equivalent of electronic dust). However, every vulnerable-to-cuts program's defenders are doing exactly the same thing as the classic bureaucratic, "circle th e wagosn" stance is adopted. To try to justify protecting State's training initiatives for fledgling neophytes in the pin-stripe diplomatic corps, though, as being supportive of the "smart power" administration mantra is a bit of a stretch. Every administration's State Department apparachiks make essentially the same argument, while assigning it different imaginative titles. And so the beat goes on. This must have been a slow news day.
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