3:55 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Up to 7500, maybe ?
    The ratio of supervision to craft is still way out of balance. If the position is eliminated they are just placed else where in pay grade until attrition catches up. Stop using mirrors and 15,000 should be let go.
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  • Customer Service
    I've been a USPS employee for 28 yrs. - I do believe we have alot of employees including EAS employees that don't perform to standards, but the mighty dollar is taking over the whole system. I do feel we have to cut corners because of budgets/rise in costs to process the mail. But the people making all the decisions are not in the work force - they haven't walked or performed the duties they are trying to cut back on. What happened to "Customer Service", demands are put on employees to do more with less employees, more responsibilities are being put on the workforce. Supervisors are required to perform all kinds of reports, which leave no time for managing their offices. The stations are being managed by Personnel in Headquarters - that makes no sense!!! If people don't go back to taking pride in work performance and caring about their fellow co-worker, then we will be doomed to be privatitized. I do say we need to weed out the "lazies" that don't want to do their job. But also give "preys" to the ones that come to work and actually perform their duties with pride.
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