3:09 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Crying Wolf
    From a morale perspective, I am tired of dealing with the grandstanding. The very people that cannot solve the problem are the ones least affected by the possibilty of a shutdown. So my morale is at a all time low, more from the uncertainty then the threat of a shutdown. So either shut down or resolve the issues, quit passing CR's that waste time and really accomplish nothing
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  • Please!
    Time Bandit
    I was a defense contractor for 10 years, of those 10 I worked 5 years in D.C.. Even back the morale of civilan workers was bad, the worst part was they took it out on the contractors. Their not happy now because they have to actually do their job to earn their paycheck, no more contractors to do it for them. Then their Supreme Leaders decided that not only are they cutting back contractors, civiilian workers aren't going to get raises for 2 years. I was laid off last year from my job working for the Navy, in one aspect I miss it...the Navy that is and what I did. I am so happy I don't have to commute 2-3 hours a day, dealing with public transportation, plus other things. The job I have now, I spend more time with my family and that makes a difference.
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  • I have had it
    Lisa Lisa
    Honestly, the politicians need to get their act together. I have had it. Absolutely sick of all of the insanity and childlike behavior of the very people we trust to run this country. A Fiscal Year begins on Oct 1 and its now March 8th and a bandaid was applied for a March 18 deadline. In 6 months we have to go through this all over again. ----------Wouldnt it have been easier to just say, ok for this FY, everyone only gets operating funding. No contracts for improvements, no earmarks, no capitol improvements, or consulting work etc unless it is an emergency.---The fed bashing is ludicrous. Fed employees are not permitted to bash on a taxpayers dime. Seems to me that elected officials should not be permitted to do a few things on the tax payers dime either: No campaigning until after 5PM AND! when not in session and no fed bashing period. No media interviews until after 5PM. I expect these "leaders" to lead and do what they were electe to do and last I looked, talking smack and bashing wasnt in our history books for what congress and senators are supposed to do while in office. I will tell you this, I havent spent a dime of my tax return because of this whole crazy insane process. I dont want to be left without income to pay for our home, daycare, food, utilties, etc. In my opinion, if they cant pass a budget, they should be fired. After all, they are ALL civil servants too and any other fed employee that could not get their job done that they were paid to do would be fired..so why not politicians?
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