11:26 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Well, here's a couple of ideas.
    First, like college education, just lower the standard and give away super grades to minorities, just to meet the quota. That should be a great solution that, I am sure, will flood the higher ranks with genius-level leaders. Second, make thugs, druggies, and criminals all Army Generals. Then their leaders will indeed be a reflection of the tropps they lead. Make Navy Admirals gay...nuff said. Make Marine Generals dum b. And make Air Force Generals generally lazy. Problems solved. Next...
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  • Equal
    Having spent 30 years on active duty, I do not have any issues with promoting the best and the brightest. The leaders of our armed forces both enlisted and officer should be best this country has to offer. Our diversity is our strength. But we need to promote those that meet a rigid set of criteria and not promote based on any quota system. Open the system to all and the cream will rise to the top.
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  • Color doesn't matter!
    Norman's Mother
    I fail to understand why these idiots compile data without consulting females who've endured male-dominated careers, i.e, the military. I will say as a DoD female civilian with 33+ years service, males win every time. It doesn't matter if they're lazy, incompetent or just plain clueless, they will trump female co-workers EVERY TIME. These are males who are forbidden to go TDY by their "mom's" (wives) or ever leave their cubicles. Civilians with their military counterparts also take long lunch breaks to play such games as "Ultimate Frisbee", ride bikes or jog. There are enough Mother and Father Hens (i.e., Clucking Ducks) in DoD to write Satisfactory evaluations to keep these slugs going. I would tell any female contemplating a career in DoD to look elsewhere. As this article implies, culture doesn't change, nor do male/female dynamics.
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  • Jessie Jackson
    deployed decoy
    This entire report reeks of Sir Jacksons gripes back in 2001 that too many minorities were going to die in OEF because the military caters to lower income recruits. That last time I looked at very unofficial numbers the Army employment was about 5 times the national average for black and Hispanic populations, although women were far less than the 51% rate. If the leadership is only 3 times that number, it still far exceeds the nations population demographics. Someone back in 2001 told Mr Jackson to sit down and shut up, he sure got real quite on the subject very fast. Maybe it is time to look at reducing minorities in the services (down to say twice that nations average population base) and replace this loss of fighting force with a mandatory draft for all sexes (includes all sexes not just boys and girls by birth), religions, daddies influence (money, CEO or elected status) and races. Diversity is the end result of this draft proposalů
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  • More Condescension
    Kenny Ray
    Gen Lyles displays the ultimate form of condescension to women when he states, "there is one very, very highly qualified, great young lady today who is the only four star General in the military. She runs the Army Materiel Command, General Ann Dunwoody, and she is not an exception. That probably sounds like a pejorative term." "Great young lady" ...?? I was curious so I checked Army's webpages and found Gen Dunwoody's bio (http://www.army.mil/-news/2011/02/11/51732-general-ann-e-dunwoody/index.html) She is without douby highly qualified, probably far more so than many of her fellow flag officers. In fact, compare her bio with Gen Lyles' which can be found at http://www.af.mil/information/bios/bio.asp?bioID=6259 As an African American, I wonder how Gen Lyles would have felt if a fellow flag officer referred to him as a "very, very highly qualified 'boy' who is the only four star..."? Gen Lyles' reference to Gen Dunwoody as a "young lady" is just as condescending! She was commissioned in 1975 which by my math would make her about 58 or 59. Also, I wonder how many planes Lyles jumped out of? Looking at his bio it appears HE managed to make four star rank without having to serve in actual combat. Please be sure to check out both biographies.
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