10:27 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • For real?!?
    Would some reporter PLEASE find out how we can 1) file for unemployment or get a temp job and 2) supposedly STILL be under federal regs as if we are still employed while on furlough? Seriously? Doesn't this almost violate the amendment to the Constitution regarding slavery? How do they think they can limit our activities if we aren't being paid?
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  • Amen
    How about some realistic suggestions. Considering the cost of living, a pay freeze, furloughs (if you are a seaonal employee), and the fact that we are paid on average 22% LESS then those in the private sector, where is all of this extra money going to come from for that rainy-day fund? If the lay-off is about two weeks, one cannot file for unemployment and who is going to hire someone for 2 weeks? As an IRS employee, I can't even go to H.R. Block for a part-time job. Pointless.
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  • these suggestion
    were written by a very stupid man.
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  • It's not stupidity
    Just me
    Let's start with the basics: First, the recommendations aren't stupid but you should recognize they're being made by a person who isn't, necessarily, living your reality. If you are living paycheck to paycheck telling you not to borrow from your TSP isn't really an option. At some point you are going to have to put your household budget on a diet- because this isn't the ONLY potential furlough we're likely to see this year. Second, my understanding of the rules for this furlough is that they will be the same as the rules for the last one: Rules on outside employment will remain in effect, and applying for unemployment compensation will be contingent on the duration of the furlough and individual state rules. No, mtnman 1963, it doesn't violate the laws ending slavery because your employment with the federal government is voluntary.
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  • unemployment check
    Can we draw unemployment checks if government shutdown?
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