4:07 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Creating One IT Enterprise needs alternative governance and acquisition process
    15 years of studies on IT Acquisition failures suggest that DOD needs an alternative IT Acquisition and Governance process that is based on proven commercial models and not weapon system acquisition models. This point was hit home in recent Defense Science Board reports, Congressional Acquisition Review Panel study and recent NDAA directive for DoD to move away from traditional Weapon System Models when buying IT. The problem Navy and others will face is where to turn to for these processes and models, as they are typically outside the reach of the Defense Industrial Complex. 98% of DoD's advisors are totally dedicated to Federal market support, giving them a huge blind spot when dealing with IT. Rob Carey made this point very clear in his recent speeches. Even Dr. Ash Carter and DepSec Bill Lynn have commented on the need to reach outside the Defense Community in getting IT expertise. Thus, if Navy is hoping to avoid past failure patterns, it will need to reduce its dependency on advisors with no commercial business expertise or access. This was the impetus for the stand up of the IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) that Honorable Mike Wynne helped create and supported by over a dozen non-profits who are NOT vested in the status quo.
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