12:00 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Pay as you go
    deployed decoy
    Just a thought from someone who has lived in countries where silly things like the Post make money. Charge the going rate, just price a 1st class letter in Germany, a country the size of many US states to see how much the cost should be. Sure of 6,90 Euro you can go to DHL and send up to a 2KG box anywhere in Germany for less. Some people do. But DHL will not insure it like the Post will. You get what you pay for. And that is the cheapest rate offered by DHL. So people still use the Post for that birthday card, even if it costs $4.00 to send across the county. I for one have and never will open an email card greeting even from close people I know. Just too easy to be hacked or even if it was from mom, the site itself embed a worm as soon as I click the link.
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  • Tom Donahoe?
    You might at least try to get the names right- the PMG's name is Pat Donahoe, not Tom. And he did NOT say that "the agency continues to lose money because of the requirements to fund retirement health care benefits". The agency has had no problem funding "retirement health care benefits", and doesn't expect to. The problem has been coming up with $5.5 billion a year to PRE-fund future (post 2017) retiree health benefits, something no other agency or company does.
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  • USPS Government Interference
    The USPS would be profitable except for the fact that the Federal Government makes it live by regulations that do not apply to anyone else they compete with. The pre-funding of benefits is a prime example and the major cause of being in the RED. The fund is overfdunded now by & Millions but USPS must continue to fund due to cogressional laws. For years the USPS has been asking congress, (why they have to is a mystery) to allow them to make proper business decisions. For 17 years I worked in the USPS and now in another Federal agency. All this time the Federal government would not allow USPS to compete for overnight agency mail service because lobbyist for Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, and others complained it was unfair. It seems to me that if the government has an agency that delivers mail, we should use it and not compete the service to outside companies. We do not use other countries military, why use others delivery service? Also, everyone should note that the USPS is not funded through tax dollars but rather through postage but they still need congress to approve any rate increase.
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  • politically incorrect UR
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    Joral, You know it is the will of congress to suck money from FedEx, DHL and UPS to get elected. How dare you think in public that the US federal agency that set the standard for over 100 years would be given a fair shot at big money donators... It was congress remember that made it wrong for any of us feds to hold federal office or for that matter say the Post Master General endorse someone as the best person for the office (or suggest they be keel hulled for being stuck on stupid and greed)...
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  • Look who's created the laws that USPS must follow!
    Committee Congressional Representatives state that the PO must reorganize itself to have a future, a better business plan or something like that. Congress passed the laws that required the PO to make these huge, unnecessary payments and they have the nerve to say the PO must make changes. Lets just say that Congress should stop using the PO to help offset the federal budget. Only then will it be self-sustaining and Congress can find some other sucker to bleed dry.
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    If Congress repays the USPS... $82 billion OVERPAYMENTS the Postal Service made to CSRS/ FERS retirement program. Then re-adjust the payments so the Postal Service doen't overpay in the future. Do this... THE POSTAL SERVICE WILL MAKE A PROFIT INSTANTLY AND YEARLY...PERIOD!
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