1:45 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Agency heads not forthcoming to their workers
    Lisa Lisa
    I emailed our HR dept and asked what plans if any were made and effects on the workers. She put out an agency wide email that basically said in a nut shell, we just dont know yet. Now I know my boss (an exec) has been huddled with all of the departmental heads on this because I can see his office from where I sit. You mean to tell me that they couldnt identify staff that, if a shutdown were to occur, to tell those affected staff that they would be identified as the ones that would be directly affected. Its irresponsible to not tell those people who would be affected especially when most are receiving their income tax returns to save it incase they are one of the unlucky. It has always been the approach of our agency to be hush-hush and let the hammer fall when its ready to hit. Agencies shouldnt treat their people like that and should be open and candid about how they are planning even if it affects people. At least those identified would be grateful for a heads up, instead they tell us nothing of subustance.
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