8:02 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Budget, or lack of one...
    Regardless what our government reps decide to do (or not to do, or stop each other from doing!!), I remain in control of my own budget. I choose to spend less than I earn and budget some of the discretionary earnings for emergency savings. Although we would like for our elected representative to set a good example, alas they do not. The best thing we can do for ourselves as individuals is to educate ourselves and our children about becoming fiscally responsible (spend less than you make). While the country is failing, my family will prosper (in spite of the poor example being set by the politicians). Even though our government is not leading by example, "we the people" can choose to "lead by example." I invite you to join me. Make a budget and stick with it! Come on, America... "you can do it!"
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