8:22 am, May 27, 2015

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  • The range of a fighter depends upon its tanker
    A modern jet fighter consumes about 1/3 of its maximum fuel load just getting to With a full fuel load at altitude, a fighter can go farther and stay longer. The old propellor-driven tankers fly at a maximum speed that is dangerously close to the stall speed of a modern jet fighter. The old tankers have a large RADAR image and are vulnerable to attack from modern missiles. It does little good to have a new F35 in production without tankers that can fuel them safely.
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  • Oops! The first sentense is missing a word or two.
    It should read, "A modern jet fighter consumes about 1/3rd of its maximum fuel load just getting to altitude. With a full . . ." Sorry.
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  • Prop Tanker?
    KC-135'S have turbo fan's. Our C-130's refuel helicopters. I dont think anybody is using kc-97's to refuel fighters. And i dont think a 767 was designed with observability in mind.
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