2:38 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Something sounds familiar...
    The articles mentions that Kundra would like to give feds a subsidy to purchase their own devices to work on. Some long-term Feds may recall that Clinton wanted to give all Federal government employees their own home computer, an idea that quickly died on the vine because (in addition to allocating money that didn't exist then or now) nobody knew, understood, or could explain why. Telework was definitely not encouraged, let alone mentioned. There are still issues with people choosing different platforms (e.g., Apple vs IBM), levels of computing power, and software. There is the task of setting up the computer to function properly (e.g., adding special programs, upgrading anti-virus/malware and firewall protection). I already a work iPad but I can't do any work on it until my specific administrative permissions are programmed into it, which has to be approved several layers of management up the chain. And, of course, what happens to the computer and its permissions and programs when a person leaves Federal service, either voluntarily (e.g., retiring) or forcibly (e.g., RIFing or firing)? Sounds like a good idea if you're trying to encourage teleworking but will take (and may cost) a lot more to implement than anyone has considered.
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