6:35 am, May 28, 2015

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  • BRAC-what a waste
    Lisa Lisa
    How much money has this whole BRAC process cost across the country and right here in VA alone? How much? Does anyone know? If you want to see where we have wasted BILLIONS, look at BRAC. Not only does this process cost tax payers BILLIONS, but you dont build a city before you build the roads. I left DoD because of BRAC. I was in Crystal City and for me to transfer to Belvior or anywhere else in VA would not make financial sense not to mention, an even longer commute time and that time on the road takes me away from time with family. There are enough military bases that alone in this area, DoD could have dispersed: Andrews, Indian Head, Bowling, Naval Research, and also Ft Belvior. Instead they built all new facilities and put everyone in one or 2 places on the same side of town. People live in DC, VA, and MD. One would think that you could spread the wealth in to at least VA adn MD a bit better so that those that live in MD could commute in MD and those in VA could commute within VA, but no, lets cram them all in, have them all have painful commutes every day and then inevitably, lets write people up for being chronically late. DoD is run by more nimrods that the public thinks. I had the dispeasure to work for some that made me wonder how DoD functions if at all. I would guess that many would say, they havent been and still arent functioning well.
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