6:29 am, May 23, 2015

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  • I wonder how much it will cost to...
    FERS Fed
    ...reprogram every agency's payroll system to accommodate paying some employees but not others during a lapse in appropriations? Figure out employee and USG health/life/LTC insurance premiums contribuitions?
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  • Possible shutdown March 7, 2011
    I lived through the hard shutdown of Nov 1995. It lasted one week, but it was scarry and nerveracking. In 1995 I had 12 years of service under my belt. They told us to go home Monday and not to come back till we were told. I was called back in that Friday. Rules were strict though; only one employee, one supervisor per field office. My advice, don't go into a panic like most of us did back 1995. The next week, one week after the furlough everyone returned to work; and we did receive back pay. The Congress of 1995 was different than the Congress of 2011; so it is possible that this time; there might not be back pay. Play it safe; conserve gas, don't spend money on non-essentials, but don't allow yourself to panic; because panic will get you nowhere but stressed.
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