6:24 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Using official computers for personal use during a shutdown
    Aaron Kuperman
    Assuming one's agency allows limited use of official computers for personal use (personal emails, participating in a non-government professional organization), would one be allowed to do so during a "shutdown" using the agency hardware (including use the agency's email server)? Assuming all the ".gov" servers aren't turned off, and one can access email from home (as most people can), can one access the the official email during a shutdown (at least under the same rules that one can do so otherwise during non-work hours)? For most people, this wasn't really an issue during the last major shutdowns since only a few techies had a way to access their work email accounts from home.
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  • Govt Vs private property
    deployed decoy
    Just please remember if that blackberry, Iphone or whatever you use, was your private property. It becomes federal property the instant you use it to connect to the federal network or any offical use of US govt business for that matter. Army has told me a few times in two different commands to go out and buy my own cell phone to take work calls as they are so broken they cant save the life of Americans without us feds paying our own way. if you use a Govt wireless device and connect to work during LOWP or a shutdown and so much as read an official work email, I hope the powers to be fire you on the spot.
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  • In case of a shutdown....
    Govt Mule
    Who in their right mind would voluntarily work during a shutdown for a govt that obviously doesn't give a flying flip about its employees?? Let's not forget the fact that the strange person would, at shutdown time, be working for free. Working for free for any organization that thinks you're less than zero and treats you as if all the country's ills are your fault is insanity.
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  • Reply to "In case of a shutdown..."
    Aaron Kuperman
    Many of us are professionals whose connection to our profession predated and will survive our working for the government. There are many people who work for the government because it furthers their own agenda, and it is a pleasant coincidence that the government pays them for what they want to do anyways. If "Govt Mule"'s only connection to his job is the desire for a paycheck, he should look for work in the private sector since it tends to pay better.
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  • Re: Govt Mule and Aaron Kuperrman Comments
    Each of you seem to represent opposite ends of the spectrum. Mule seems to think that working for 'free' is unrealistic. Kuperman seems to believe in the 'noble cause' of what Federal employment supposedly is but also with a bit of disdain for Mule. Me, I'm in the middle...having been a voluntary active duty Marine for many years I have, as others like me, been called 'above and beyond'. However, that was the nature of the 'biz', ie...24/7 work, enlistment contract, etc...if it was so altruistic and 'professional', why require a contract at all? Federal civilian workers appear to me to be either the Mule type or Kuperman type or a mixture of both. The difference is that Federal civilians have no enlistment contract re: their employment, like the military does. You get paid for what you work...if you work anything over your required hours and it is not approved, then you don't get paid. Sort of like a modified union job. If working for no pay makes Kuperman feel good, that's fine. Mule also has a valid point re: 'no pay, no work'. So, a viable answer would be for all the 'Kupermans' be deemed 'essential' and report to work during a furlough while 'Mule' and myself remain on-call at home. In this case, I would side with 'Mule' because I've been through this before as a Fed Civilian and unless Osama Bin laden is coming up the Potomac in a row boat, YOU (Congress) didn't want to pay me, so leave me alone!
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