8:31 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Postal Service
    M Comerford
    Sirs, It is hard to be "constructive when you see one of the biggest political "boondoggles" of modern times being played out with impunity right in front of your eyes. The facts are these: 1) the Postal Service has been solvent, and at times, awash with profits, that it then reinvested in mail sorting technology to keep adjusting to the decline of first class mail due to email. It has NOT taken taxpayer money for decades and has been totally self supporting. 2) in 2006 Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act mandating that the Postal Service put $5.5 billion into savings to "pre-pay" retire health benefits. Only the Postal Service is forced to do this among federal agencies, and, no private company or corporationdoes this because it is inefficient. 3) in late 2008 the recession started and Congress refused to pass legislation removing the $5.5 billion payment to allow the USPS to remain solvent. 4) In late 2009 and early 2010 it was discovered and verified that the Treasury Dept had "accidentally" been overcharging the Postal Service in retirement contributions to the accumulated tune of $60 to $70 billion. This money if rightly returned to the Postal Service, would keep the Postal Service in good financial health for 20 years according to former Postmaster General Jack Potter. 5) Congress has steadfastedly refused to return the Postal Service's money, and has also refused to remove the unnecessary $5.5 billion payment the Postal Service is forced to make, even just for the remainder of the recession. 6) All the congressional talk is about the Postal Service "model" being broken and how it needs to be fixed. 7) President Obama steps in, and despite knowing the above facts, comes up with a plan to attack salaries and benefits; yet still refuses to give the Postal Service all their overpaid monies back OR remove the $5.5 billion payment. 8) without having to pay the $5.5 billion payment the Postal Service would be solvent for the forseeable future. 9) If the federal government gave back the overpaid retirement funds it has misappropriated from the USPS, the USPS would instantly be solvent again. Questions to ask : 1) Why is the USPS being forced to "pre-pay" retireee health benefits when actuarial practices say it is inefficient and a poor business practice? 2) Who, in Congress, is behind this? 3) Why did Congress NOT remove this onerous burden from the Postal Service's neck, at the very least temporarily, when it became apparent that there was a recession? 4) When it was discovered by the Office of Inspector General during an audit, that the Postal Service had been overcharged by the Treasury Dept for the last 30 or 40 years for the USPS contribution towards the federal retirement plan to the tune of $60 or $70 billion; why is the money NOT being returned to the Postal Service? 5) And, in summary of the above information, WHY is Congress participating and engineering the destruction of the Postal Service? 4)
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  • great comment
    to M. Comerford. Why is Congress participating and engineering the destructin of the PO? Answer, ask a union member in the service or look at what the WI governor is doing to its government work force.
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  • Postal Service
    M Comerford, you've said it all, very impressive!! I am a Postal Service employee of 27 years and am very concerned about my future as well as the future of the Postal Service. All the points and questions you've raised are spot on. Especially this last question "WHY is Congress participating and engineering the destruction of the Postal Service?" They want us to fail and they want to do away w/this great American institution. This is a very sad state of affairs. Not only this obvious attempt at destroying the Postal Service but also the ongoing attempts at destroying our great nation. . .but that's another subject entirely...
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