6:33 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Not sure about that 80%
    deployed decoy
    CAC is for the most part the example to follow. Some people say PKI encrypted email is as or more secure than the military classified network. Then we hit the problem… Many people do not have PKI Keys. If for example I am sending sensitive emails, I have a choice of taking some critical person off the to line or sending the message not PKI. This problem is a matter of poor management for the most part. I recently moved physical locations and now have the exact same box of a PC I did in the last cube. The difference now is I cannot PKI an email if I wanted and this has happened several times throughout two different major commands outside the USA. The biggest personal good thing with CAC is no need to remember a password that contains 22 keystrokes that must contain two Navajo smoke signals and four N. Korean key strokes. Just one long number that can be the cube root of 2… Then that PIN and CAC get you in most sites like checking SF50 actions. One standard, one fight, one baseline, NOT.
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