1:35 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • ERP?
    "We're functionally-oriented, we're organizationally-oriented, we're not process-oriented," he said. "An ERP forces us to think differently about the way we do business. It's a key to sustainable audits, it's a key to better quality information, it's a key to financial auditability. That's why they're so important." These high level folks only get the executive report about ERP. They don't witess the thousands of issues or show-stopper restraints this commercial garbage causes. The next BAD part is that they only get a handfull of govt employees involved in the creation and implementation and when it goes active, it is 90% operated and fueled by contractors working for for-profit corporations, leaving the govt employees at bay to these contractors. If this is going to be long term, they need to go back to the drawing board and get the contractors out of the decision making process completely! In my Navy command, the ERP is broke more than it is working... and it relies 80% on legacy systems that wrap the achievment back in to circles. The DoD IS NOT ready for a ERP system. We had perfectly operating financial systems on mainframe.. they should have spent the billions wasted on ERP and fixed those systems. Nope, not when you got executives and congress into the pockets of the same corporations that are running the show! Go home Mark Easton and learn something! Then come back. 2017 will be impossible with a planned ERP and Contractor DoD!
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