4:24 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Preparing to Shut Down
    I remember the process in my agency. Some employees were designated to be the ones to pack up the files and turn off the lights. The rest were just told that after a certain date to not come in until they were told to do so. It was a silly exercise and the shutdown backfired on those who insisted on doing it. That crew in Congress suffered a beating after that. The newbie congressmen and women don't have any idea of what they are doing and are destined to repeat the past.
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  • From your fingers...
    ...to God's monitor. In my view, what we have right now is not just a political game. We have two sides -- according to political polling of issues, one fairly moderate to left-of-center, and one extreme right (many of the House freshmen). And the difference isn't just a matter of degree: those on the extreme right seem to be very libertarian in their outlook. That used to be a word that carried connotations of lunacy, referring as it does to a far out-of-the-mainstream support of obscure theories of government such as minarcho-capitalism (belief that government should only be involved in national defense) and anarch-capitalism (belief in no government). These beliefs are based on ideas that frankly are anti-civil-society, and if fully implemented would leave America an unrecognizable place (likely, no longer a cohesive nation). How do you compromise with that?
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  • More...
    Much of the rise of libertarianism in the GOP (the "tea party" GOP base has strong elements of libertarianism) can be traced directly to prominent libertarian billionaires such as David Koch (who bankrolled many of the "tea party" antics and actions, and is very involved in the situation in Wisconsin). ------------------------------------------------------ Further reading: http://world.std.com/~mhuben/libindex.html http://thinkprogress.org/2011/02/18/business-teaparty-wisconsin/
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  • They Just Don't Know
    If there is a shut down the first thing the national media will show are the poor middle to high school kids who come from all over to see the monuments and memorials as well as the Smithsonian Museums in DC , but unfortunately they will be closed. Next will be the people waiting for their federal tax refunds. Oops, sorry no checks will be sent out until after the shut down. See, the general public (those that live far outside of the Beltway) does not realize how much they interact with the Federal Government until its not there. I guess they forgot what happened in November 1995. Fifteen years later local jurisdictions as well as the average citizen are more reliant on Uncle Sam than ever before.
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  • I remember what happened last time
    I was working in a DOI location with about 90 employees. I was one of three in the field HQ office who were considered essential...the others being the head of the field location and the primary dispatcher. I was "the IT guy" who kept everything running from the phone system to servers to the WAN connection. When it was all said and done, I had used the time smartly to upgrade over 90 computers from DOS and WordPerfect to Windows and MS Office, as well as clean them up. Everyone came back from furlough to an essentially newly modernized computer. I worked my arss off, and had to listen to stories of fishing expeditions to BAJA and other leisure pursuits done by the rest of the office. When it was all said and done, everyone got paid just like they had been at work, but I was frazzled and everyone else was sporting a Boehner-like tan. Sucked is not a strong enough word!
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  • Benefits During Shut Down
    Some co-workers in my office are concerned that if there is a shut down, their health benefits will stop. Consequently, federal employees will not be able to use our health benefits during this period. What's the real story on this issue?
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  • Re: Benefits During Shut Down
    OPM's website has guidance on this topic. From what I can comprehend (my head spins from the lack of plain language there) it continues.
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  • The Government may loose key skills if shutdown lasts too long
    There is a risk that key assets and skill sets may move to a commercial position that is not depended on the government budget as the shutdown period remains undetermined. This applies to the younger employees with little time in their position opposed to us old timers. However, bills have to be paid and options may be discovered with key skills and knowledge which has a high value in the commercial environment. Replacing these skills and job knowledge may be a very expensive endeavor for the government if this should occur on a large scale. A thought to consider in any event.
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