2:11 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Talk of shutdown heats up Hill
    Budget analyst Jim Horney told Federal News Radio he worries about new members of Congress who don't have much experience with appropriations. "It's awfully easy to say 'Oh let's just cut back on those expenses. Let's reduce this,' without having a sense of you can't do that very much without really harming the ability of the federal government to provide the services and benefits that people expect," Horney said. _____________________________________________________________________ I totally agree with Mr Horney. We have a lot of incompetant people who was voted in congress who clearlys knows NOTHING!! They are willing to cause a shutdown because they cannot get there act together? People have families to support /bills to pay. Do think the creditors are goping to say. "The Gov closed down so we will forgive you?" It is absolutely RIDICULOUS that this country is ran by a bunch of people who are not qualified. If they do do a shutdown I am in agreement that the Presdent/Congress not get paid PERIOD!! I so sixck and tired of BS!!
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  • Shut Her Down
    Cut. Slash. Eliminate. EVERYBODY. EVERYTHING. Just do it for your progeny.
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  • The Gov't will be shut down
    45 Cal
    It's a way of making a point. The point for the Republicans/Tea bags is a way to allow the rich to be unchecked by gov't regulation in they greed at the cost of the working class. This attack on the US Gov't gotta be make the oversea Terrorist must be very happy since they couldn't do a better job in dividing and crippling our nation. The Tea Party is a Home grown terrorist organization
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  • Talk of shutdown heats up Hill {Part 2}
    Why can't they pull their head out of their butts and STOP the madness? This new congress don't take the time to think about nothing, they are jumping without a parachute and will create more major troubles in which we don't need. I bet if they don't paid doing this shutdown they will hurry up and fix stuff. I don't agree with the speaker of the house, but he is right when we stop the 7-9 months extentions. congress need to get going and stop playing with our lives. I do not have any respect for any of these people, they are careless, heartless and evil.
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    Do it and not half-arsed either! Shut the whole bloody thing down! No nothing, no DoD, DHS, DOJ, USDA, HHS, CIA, etc...but it won't happen because the Prez has no cojones and he's worried about only DoD, DHS, and the SSA, just like Boner and his ilk up on the Hill! I think it's time for some Fed Flu! I'd vote for the White House Chief of janitors if he/she had the guts to REALLY do it! Let America OTB get a taste of what it's really like! SHUT IT DOWN!
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  • Shut down governments is great thing to do!
    It is time to finally get to the meat of things. The federal government is bloated and needs to become smaller. It needs to live within its means, just as the American people do. We need a BALANCE BUDGET, we need to CUT SPENDING and we need TERM LIMITS for both the House and Senate! IT'S OK TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!
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  • Reducing the Deficit on the Federal Employee's Back
    I think it is time for us to take this fight to Facebook. Federal Employees Unite! I really would like to see what would happen if all federal employees everywhere would just buy what they really needed, take no vacations outside of town, and make no big purchases over the 2 years since that is how long they froze our pay. I wonder how much of an impact that would make on the economy. Enough already people! Neither Democrats or Republicans have anything to be proud of. Stop playing chicken and sit down at the table and talk to each other like the civilized human beings you are suppose to be! BTW, I think your salary needs to be cut by at least 20% with all the perks you get. You are federal employees also!!!!
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  • When the shutdown happens....
    FERS Fed
    ....federal employees everywhere should have plenty of time to swamp the Washington and district offices of the 87 freshman Republicans who are driving this nonsense with our complaints real and imagined. Overload their office call centers, swamp their email servers, demonstrate at their district offices, and picket their homes. Let 'em know we're here, and we don't appreciate being made out to be enemies of our country. After all, the only work that federal employees do is carrying out all the laws that these folks enact (and exempt themselves from).
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