5:10 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Don't lay off field office workers.
    Go to the Data Operations Centers and close them down for a few weeks without pay. They're basically lazy arses anyway.
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  • Don't lay off the field office workers.
    Instead, lay off the workers at the Data Operations Centers. They're basically lazy anyway.
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  • I challenge you
    to provide evidence for your obscene suggestion. Tell me why you say what you do. Do you know any workers at SSA Operations? Have you any evidence at all or did you just make it up? Do you have any idea how sophisticated and technically advanced the workforce must be to maintain the largest and most secure of all worldwide networks? The SSA network has NEVER been hacked: it is the best on the planet, brought to you by civil servants. You don't know what you are talking about.
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  • I agree!
    obscurechemist, you are spot on. SSA is one of the most efficiently run programs. It is also one of the most misunderstood, especially by people who are not yet eligible. This is money we taxpayers have earned. We of the eligible age are entitled to get the money we've paid into the system. It shouldn't be held hostage to a power play it has nothing to do with. As far as SSA's efficiency, it's outstanding. On the negative side, I don't understand why the minimum allowable income for those who take early Social Security, as I did, is only $14,000+change. It feels like a penalty for trying to live in the economy we're all struggling with. But, to furlough SSA and risk what little money most of us on SS have is unforgivable.
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  • It's Astonishing
    A Republican dream come true is to get rid of Medicare and Social Security completely. That is their main priority in addition to trying to make Barack Obama a one-term president. They couldn't care less about jobs, the interests or the welfare of the American people. Probably one of the biggest misconceptions and one that Republicans are fond of repeating is that federal workers get huge raises and lavish pensions. They also have the false notion that government workers' unions are responsible for all of the country's financial ills. I met a gentleman last night who brought up the state worker salaries in Wisconsin telling me the teachers average $89,000 per year. I have no idea what the true figure is in Wisconsin but what got me was he jumped immediately to the conclusion that federal workers enjoy the same high average salaries and tried to convince me of a claim that he knew an IRS worker who got huge double-digit raises every year. Of course, that is false. Government workers depend entirely on the good graces of Congress to dole out even pittances of pay raises even in good economic years when the private sector enjoyed 5% to 7% annual wage increases. Further, the Republicans have also sold the false notion to the public that federal employees can go on strike for higher wages. That again is false. Anyone who has worked for the government for over 35 years as I did, knows that going on strike is illegal and grounds for firing if attempted. The air traffic union, PATCO, found that out the hard way. But tncem is one of those who are totally immersed in right-wing propaganda and believe every distortion of facts that they are fed by the snake oil salesmen. Unfortunately, there are too few protagonists for government workers. Even the weak unions that do exist seldom get more than their own local agency's ear and fewer yet the ear of congressmen and women. But, when Tea Partyers steamroll their way into elected offices the first thing they do is gang up on the hated government workers and all their favorite cultural war issues like abortion, EPA, environmental issues, Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood, National Endowment for the Arts and an entire wish list of hateful, right-wing wedge issues. Jobs? Now that the Republicans wormed their way into control of the House their true colors came out early. They don't give two hoots about jobs. If they did, they wouldn't be on such a determined crusade to eliminate so many of them.
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  • True....
    Govt Mule
    I couldn't agree with you more. Republicans want to destroy the poor, middle, class, unions, and federal govt workers (who are a part of the middle class). I have come to understand that the American people are not as bright as they would like to think they are. Electing these people who seek to cut services that most Americans depend on demonstrates to me that Americans will fall for anything!!! If Tea Baggers (yeah, I said it) want to be angry at someone, they should look to Wall Street and the previous administration. All Obama has tried to do is clean up the mess he inherited.
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  • Moron.
    I didn't say SSA Operations....I said SSA DATA Operations Centers. Obviously, you know nothing about it but insist on posting a flaming diatribe anyway. Shows your ignorance.. Oh yeah, you too Kwag! Morons...
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  • social security
    I don't believe this forum is for ugliness. It's to discuss issues in a mannerly way. So, tncem, please upgrade your entries by getting rid of your venom. I worked for the feds almost 34 years and I can vouch for what Richard729 says. He's right on the fact that federal workers can't strike; that federal workers are always attacked when the going gets difficult because we're an easy target yet we have nothing to do with our pay raises. The Republicans have never been interested in creating jobs, they've been too busy over the year starting wars via lies, cutting benefits to the most needy in this country of "religious people", mainly Christians, while supporting the big businesses that make millions, few of which give back to society. So save your childish namecalling for a different forum.
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  • Oh RIchard and Marien...... You are both right.
    I don't have as much experience in the government workforce as you guys do. I only have 30 years! And by the way, ALL of my government civil service is served with a graduate degree in management. The SSA, like many other fed agencies, is filled with inept workers from top to bottom. Political appointees, failed SES'ers from other, more important, agencies, and inept federal workers transferred within fill the SSA at almost every site. This agency needs a good cleansing from top to bottom. Oh, and before I forget to tell you, I worked in the SSA for years - have you? Now, get back to your soaps.
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