2:06 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Budget cuts
    I have to agree with John Boehner - cuts must be made and the House is on its way to diong that with the passage of the bill to kill the second (extra) fighter engine made, coincidentally, in Boehner (and another Ohio congressman's) districts. That engine was a blatant example of waste, fraud, and abuse -members of Congress are the biggest offenders. Well, if Boehner's district loses jobs, so be it. They can share the sacrifice with the federal workforce.
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  • "Killing" the extra F-35 jet engine was political theater
    FERS Fed
    It'll be restored in the Senate version of the bill, or in conference. 'Weepy Johnny' may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's not THAT stupid.
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  • Budget Cuts
    Isn't that what Newt Grinwhich did in 1995? And we were furloughed for two whole weeks? I remember it back-firing on the Republicans and many were voted out in the next elections. Back then the saying was "Shoot Newt" from the general public, because of the lack of basic federal public services at that time. The republicans seem to think that the blow will be lessened by making us taking one furlough day a month for ten months? We'll see......
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  • It isn't FUNNY Linbob
    But LOL! Yeah, the folks who voted him in..ROFL! Let them feel what the Fed employees feeling
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