4:40 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Federal Workers
    So what’s new? The Federal worker is the first to feel the brunt of congress when time gets tight. Each member feels he must make his impute whether they know what they are doing or not. There are so many wasteful programs that could be eliminated and really save money. With out the federal worker the government would collapse quickly. Also there is probably much waste in the congressional offices that could save many dollars. I get so tired of defending the small pensions that federal workers receive in comparison to congressional pensions. Look in the mirror before casting stones.
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  • Step Increase
    I would think that discontinuing the moving allowance as well as the government going in and buying houses that have sat on the market for transfers would be a great way to start to get the budget under control. Oh yeah I'm just a GS 5 so I don't get that privilege or entitlement So that extra training and online course I've done to get to the next step are just dumped. Wow what a system.
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  • You Want to Cut Spending
    Then stop changing the office furniture every time someone new takes office. I currently work in an office that was made for maybe 2 people and we have 8 people, furniture falling apart, carpet is filithy no circulation etc. You want to cut spending, why does the government pay 3 to 5 times more for office supplies from office depot or staples than I would if I were to go there and purchase it myself. You want to cut spending, how about you let those who can telework do so and that would cut down on the amount of office space needed, electricity, water etc. You want to cut spending, let Congress take a cut in pay for 5 years, give up one year worth of salary, get rid of those government vehicles they ride around in. why is the governement charged so much more money to do things or to purchase things that private sectors are not charged.
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