7:40 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Cut Defense FIRST
    deployed decoy
    DECOY Notes: Suggest this story be mandatory reading for every American. Then these voters ask why the USA spends more on defense (of oil in the ME) than the entire combined efforts of the entire EU that enjoy pure socialism as a result of cheap oil flowing to the tax miesters of Europe. The US military that will get a 1.6% pay raise next year is already well past par with the private sector. Just ask the armed guards on the bases around here what they make, compared to an E6 with marriage allowances, federally subsidized shopping, and a golden parachute of perks that far exceed GS9 entry level salary. Then adding salt to injury. The entire ME is a combat US federal tax free zone for the military, many of whom are on command sponsored tours with the spouse and kids wondering around downtown… The spouse and kids in a combat zone, I don’t even want to ask who was stuck on stupid to arrange that and keep a straight face to ask for tax free status at the same time. Space segment bandwidth for internet is very expensive. Thus everywhere I look and see otherwise productivity time being used to upload 8Mb of pictures to FaceBook, I just smile. So I say Mr Gates there is plenty of room to work with a defense budget at 2002 levels.
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  • Never going to happen :(
    1st generation American
    DD and you are stuck on base at Camp Airifjail? Or do you also live on the economy in the war zone? Kuwait used to be such a good duty station. Now the rules just are in place to punish those who who are over there. So sad. I for one really enjoyed all of my deployments to Kuwait. But as a high grade I was never forced to deal with all the BS that the less senior folks have to deal with. But now I will not come back for nothing. Obumer can figure it by himself! Thanks for your service!
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  • Kuwait PCS
    deployed decoy
    I am part of that very special limited federal work force that is on permanent duty here. As are many high grade military. I however am not high enough in the food chain for the wife and kids to come, thank god for that. Many military do have families here, while at the same time drawing US Federal tax FREE war zone pay. I do live in a very nice US Govt paid for apartment overlooking the gulf. It is not a war zone, State Dept made sure of that in Dec 2008 when they killed Danger Pay. Course such hostile locations as Jordon and Haiti still receive Danger Pay. Then housing, the transportation office and medical office all just came out with new policies. It is forbidden for me to have another federal employee up for dinner, who stays in my apartment, let alone the two of us go to Chilies, Applebee’s or TGIF to enjoy a nice American dinner catered by a slave making $350 a month working 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. Kuwaitis you might remember don’t work in the service industry and folks from Sri Lanka will live in the dumpster and work like this for $150 a month, just to feed the extended family back home. I don’t know one US person though that stopped going to TGIF. I know another that says with a smile, for 2 pounds of bacon he gets a Chinese girl all night (remember pork is banned here, but the PX sells tons of it)… I tried to report human trafficking a couple years ago, as required as a formal condition of employment and US federal law. I was told by a very senior military member, I could resign federal service it I did not like the way things are done here. It is not one world and I sure have become as disgusted with my country for supporting this as I am with the folks living it.
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