3:26 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Not really a denial
    I have read with interest the articles, including this one, about SBA -- my long standing employer. Nothing in these articles surprise me. nor does the Administrator's email which really denies nothing. what is interesting though is that it takes 4 brave "junior" employees (meaning pretty new to SBA) to stand up to longstanding bullies and get media attention, when much higher profile (and good) employees have been similarly treated and ejected with no media attention. Nothing in the articles is wrong -- but certainly the articles are incomplete. SBA is last in "the best places to work for" for a reason -- it is an awful place. It is full of sharks circling-- where blood is in the water for them to circle deliberately. Nothing in this response shows any difference in attitude from previous administrations. What is disheartening is that we all thought, apparently in error, that Marie Johns would come in and see how poorly rank and file were treated; how the General Counsel's office was truly running the agency (and poorly); how minority employees were routinely thrown under the bus; and how the Democrats had a wonderful opportunity to fix the sins of Steve Galvan and Steve Preston and the Republicans. boy were we wrong. According to the Administrator's letter, she is on board with the charade. The administrator is never there. She has a good excuse. Her son is not well at all. She should by all rights be at home with him: and she does, to her credit, spend all her time there with him -- not with us serving the taxpayers who pay her. As a mom, she should resign and stay home: she is not helping the situation at the office is she? she is not good at being the administrator of an agency in crisis. By her absence, she allows bullies, thugs and evil attorneys (not hyperbole) run an agency awash in crisis, and lost opportunity. She submits to the will of employees who have trained at the feet of the master manipulators who run it all: FedNews Radio has identified them: Hairston, Fortenberry, Lipscomb. Neither she, Ms Johns, nor the minions really can affect the career SES who run amok (and have done so) for many many years. We are upset that the Democrats will take the fall for the legacy of the Bush administration. Maybe if she had paid attention, the Administrator would have seen this coming. Now, she will take the fall for failing, once again, to reign in the General Counsel's office awash in ineptitude and incompetence, and other career civilians who have made a career out of hurting others, and not helping the agency achieve its goals. For one, i am outta there as soon as i can escape the madness.
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  • Not a denial at all.
    In fact, anyone who knows this agency is well aware, and veryused to, this type of lip service. Fact is, all they care about is themselves. Now, the SBA does do a great job at helping small businesses. But man, it treats its employees horribly. I love the management-by-threat description, it is DEAD ON.
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  • S.B.A. and the Postal Servivce
    M Comerford
    The only apparent differences between the SBA nad the Postal Service is that. one, the Postal Service abuses only gets publicity when people are murdered; and two, the Postmaster General and all (most) of the upper managers actually come to work and condone the abuse. The Postal Service needs a managerial overhaul from the top down as to how they treat their employees. Threats and intimidation are the everyday norm. The Postal Service thinks that when 55% of the employees actually respond to the alleged "Voice of the Employee" survey, regardless of the answers, it is an improvement. How does the Voice of the Employee survey accurate when 45% of the employees don't even return it and, more importantly, the questions are all written by management? I'm sorry to hear about the SBA, but the Postal Service is the sorriest agency or employer I have ever heard. Perhaps many of the stories are anecdotal, but the sheer volume gives them credence. Why are these agencys seemingly unaccountable ? The American people won't stand for "sweatshops", yet our own government allows it's own agencys to be run as personal fiefdoms. Why ?
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  • SBA - THE Place to Work
    An interesting place to work!
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  • Lost Credibility
    You would think that individuals like Karen Mills, and supervisors and managers at lower posts within the agency, would have the intelligence to realize that when they deny the obvious problems that exist throughout the agency, they lose all personal credibility. Trying to deny established facts is not a good strategy for promoting confidence and trust among subordinates - or the wider public, for that matter. To those of you folks who have the authority to promote positive change within the agency, I say this: Which of you are going to continue perpetuating the problems that already exist (whether out of fear or merely a callous sort of self-interest), and which of you are going to be part of the solution?
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  • No one can be a part of the solution.
    Because they do not have any problems. Just ask them. Every GS-15 and above in that organization is a self-serving dictator. The only decisions they make are the ones that ensure won't make them look bad----at any cost!
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