12:42 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • IRS offers reasons to e-file your taxes
    If they want us to e-file then they should lower the cost to the price of a mail stamp
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  • Typo
    "That's in contract to the four to six weeks it takes the Internal Revenue Service to process a paper return, said David Williams, director of the Return Preparer Implementation Effort at the IRS, in an interview with the DorobekINSIDER." I believe that contract, should have been contrast.
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  • Typo Reply
    Thanks MonkeyFace! (and what fun THAT is to say!) The typo's been fixed and you're absolutely right! Was "contract", now "contrast."
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  • Electronic Tax Returns
    I would be glad to file electronically, but I refuse to pay for the "privilege" no matter how inexpensive it might be. I do file my tax return electroncally to the state of Maryland because Maryland provides a web site that allows the return to go directly to the State and there is no cost. Also, there is no third party involved with the Maryland return unlike the Federal return which goes through a private firm. Until I am able to file my Federal return at no cost, I will continue to file through the mail.
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  • e-filing
    First of all, e-filing is NOT free. Second, you need to have access to a personal computer. Currently, I am one of hundreds of thousands of people who do not. Why you may ask. Several years ago, I purchased TurboTax thinking it would help me in not forgetting items to put on the tax return. While it was loading into my computer, I started doing my taxes on paper. Not only did I finish sooner than the loading of the program, but the program did not finish loading (it came up with some kind of an "error"), it actually "crashed" my computer. It cost me $180 to get the computer fixed. Unfortunately, it has never worked since. More wasted money. With a hard copy return, I can hold it for a few days and go back over it to make sure it is complete with all the correct attachments. I mail it via certified mail/return receipt requested. Cost: about $6.00. What about all the people who cannot afford a computer, or have access to a computer or a tax preparation person? How are they supposed to file their taxes if they cannot get a hard copy instruction booklet and forms? IAlso, W-2's are supposed to be attached to the return. With e-filing, how does one do that? feel the IRS is completely wrong in trying to force people to file on-line. They just as easily could have sent the booklets to only the people who do file hard copy returns (I'm sure they a file of who files this way) and it still would have saved them money.
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  • Virginia i-File
    JR Samples
    I e-file my Federal return only because it is included in the cost of the software I use. I will no longer be e-filing my state return since Virginia has gotten rid of its free i-File system. I wonder just how much Virginia will be saving with more taxpayers filing paper returns this year.
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