8:48 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Tilting at Windmills
    Retired Fed CISO
    Federal employees who have knowledge of waste, fraud, and/or abuse in the USG should speak up. We work for the taxpayer, not some politically connected know-nothing who tries to game the system. Before I was a Fed, I was a taxpayer. Before that, I was a citizen first. The citizens and taxpayers who are not Federal employees have a right to know how their tax dollars are spent. Unfortunately, if a Fed blows the whistle on a senior that Fed (probably a lifer) just committed a CLM - career limiting move. If he/she does it anonymously, the news article is correct, the incident will be under investigated. My philosophy has been that if I wouldn't take responsibility for my words or actions, I shouldn't do or say those things. Whenever I filed a complaint or brought an issue to the seniors, I choose not to hide behind the veil of insecurity. My solution was to wait until I retired and post a blog on Facebook entitled '60 Sense an Hour - My two cents for your two minutes'. As a retired GS-15 from DHS, taxpayers need to know some of the sheer lunacy that permeates the halls of government - and I'm not too shy to tell them. Finally, after capitulating to pressure from friends and former co-workers, my book, going more into depth than my Facebook rants, is about a third completed and should be available later this year. Some of the contents are not for the weak of heart - and there will be no salacious passages to serve as a 'gotcha'. thanks...hilary
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