4:56 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Which way should it be?
    Congress is good at deregulating Wall St. however the opposite is true when it comes to the federal employee. Over regulated and reregulated are the average Jane and Joe which is totally unnecessary, and who wants to be a whistleblower, that's when you are similiar to Wall St.
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  • Congress and the President
    Bill Samuel
    It's not just the Congress which is scapegoating, but also the President. The President keeps making invidious distinctions between military and civilian employees. The implication is that civilian Feds don't pull their weight. Unfortunately, every President since George H.W. Bush (a career Federal employee who understood and supported us) has been willing to take cheap shots at civilian Federal employees. The head of the Executive Department should support his employees.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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  • Thank You.
    Thank you for taking the time to listen to our plight! We, the civil servants, of this country have been misrepresented and disrespected for so very long. We deserve to be treated as the dedicated and honorable citizens that we are. You very rarely hear about the unselfish and dedicated actions we take each and every day on behalf of the citizens and voters of this fine country! One thing, that we continue to hear on a regular basis is that we are overpaid (I wish) and that we don't pull our weight. If, in my agency, we didn't do what we are tasked to do, Congress wouldn't have the space they are in or have the security that they enjoy and would be in the dark because we pay for the utilities too! If we are furloughed as they wish, how will this be done? Also, Congress seems to forget that we pay taxes and we VOTE! When they say the citizens want this...I want to scream has anyone asked me or any of my coworkers?!!!
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  • Four tenths of one percent of the membership
    Sounds like the leadership's more spun than the members are!
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