2:28 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Federal workspaces
    Norman's Mother
    Nice, but how do they plan on improving the environment of intelligence workers, many of whom work in airless, windowless hell holes? Interior offices also suck; it's like being in an interior cabin on a cruise ship.
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  • workspace
    In theory it sounds reasonable to decrease work space and assign 2 or 3 people to one spot "at the office" given absence from "the office" due to telecommuting. I've been through all that and it doesn't work. First, we often had "all hands on deck" days, meaning everyone on a telecommuting schedule had to physically show up at the office. This was usually for mandatory training, to meet new political appointees, or just because the boss had a huge ego and could make us do it. Think about it - you'd need 3 phones, 3 computers, 3 chairs, etc. in the space for 1. Then there was the matter of coordinating telecommuting schedules. Not easy, especially if someone came into the office on a normally telecommuting day for a meeting, etc. Think about the noise and interruption factor - it's bad enough with one person per cubicle. Then, for most people, there really is "paper" stuff, i.e., hard copies of stuff - journals, studies, state files, working documents, regs, statutes ...- that need to be kept somewhere and somewhere handy. Finally, don't forget the grade/square footage requirements. The managers who want to corral 2 or 3 people into one small cubicle always have their own private office with a door so what does it matter to them that they treat their staff like cattle on the way to slaughter?
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