6:47 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • And People Wonder Why
    Obviously, they need to hire someone from outside to go in a "clean house"; not just reassign these managers, but fire them. They should continue to do so until all of the "infection" is rooted out. There seems to have been enough harm and ill-will that she should sue for the balance of her earnings (plus punitive damages) and retire. Her personnel file has probably been flagged so her difficulties will follow her wherever she goes. It is a shame to say, but this will continue to plague her regardless what position she takes. I have always felt that whistleblowers should not return to their jobs but given a monetary settlement equal to their expected earnings till retirement (and adjusted for projected inflation) plus (!) punitive damages worth, at least, 3 times the previous amount. Enough of these types of settlements and employers will think twice about showing any appearance of retaliation.
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  • SBA retaliation
    SBA has a culture of retaliation that goes back for years -- regardless of the administration. the career SBA managers are in large part to blame and the politicals are too naive to understand what they are getting into (altho such retaliation does come naturally to many of the political types that come to the SBA). the General Counsel's office serves as an enforcer for the managers who want to retaliate -- and it encourages, condones or participates (as we see in the article with the GC Lipscomb and attorney monique Fortenberry) in the retaliation. Many of the career managers, including Darryl Hairston mentioned in the article and the SESer's in the general counsel's office need to be culled in order to cleanse the culture and start over. The real question here is what can anybody do about it. If the Office of Special counsel can't enforce it's rulings, then what good is it? maybe Erskine Bowles is right and the agency needs to be merged with commerce!!
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    Lisa Lisa
    I feel bad for this lady. While many balk at federal unions, they act moreso as the watchdog than a negotiator for pay. As a union member, we have access to the union attorney. This poor woman had to hire her own attorney-who knows how much that costs and who knows how much that attorney will take from her earnings. Until Congress forces agency executives to learn all things govt (HR included and especially), and hold these bobbleheads accoutable, we as workers will always have a union to protect us. Sadly, I think because this woman was a "Director" she would not have been eligible for a union representation, but this stuff happens to people all day long in govt because SES'ers are arrogant and act on occasstion, maliciously which costs TAXPAYERS money in legal fees and OSC time at minimum.
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