4:38 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Unions in government
    are an insult to taxpayers. Union greed has no place in public service. It looks political. It smells political. It is not surprising considering who is running things right now.
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  • How is having a federal union an insult?
    Lisa Lisa
    I fail to see how having a union is an insult in someway to taxpayers. Unless you just dont like unions period..well then just say that. You give no specific rebuttals. Unions have every right to be in a federal workplace because often management knows nothing about federal regulations at its core. Unions, their steward and presidents, keep a watchful eye to ensure they are conducting themselves within the law not demanding new things on the table. Management doesnt like unions because they want to do what they want to do and often what they do isn't within the law. You dont think cronyism doesnt exist within agencies? THATS an insult to taxpayers. You think that decisions are made in the interests of taxpayers or interests of those managers? Not having a watchdog is NOT an insult. The bulk of what is permitted under TSA's collective bargaining is weak at best. What TSA management has NOT permitted to ensure there is a labor management forum on those things that are not only important to the workers, but important to the public is not up for bargaining or for discussion. If you look at what isnt allowed...you mean to tell me that only management can determine qualifications? You assume that management has a laundry list of qualifications for those screeners-when it could very well be the opposite to require less qualificiations and training to pay less...that sir is NOT in the best interest of the public nor safety. You get what you pay for is true and true. TSA Management says taht unions have no right in the discplinary aspects. What do you think that means? MORE CRONYISM, more I WANNA DO WHAT I WANNA DO right or wrong. THat means they will fire someone for any reason and the worker whom may have been illegally disciplined has to use TAX DOLLARS! and go through Merit system Protection Board-which means you as a taxpayer will have to PAY..abd PAY alot if and when TSA is doing something illegal. If union was in place for that, they would go through the union attorney if it even got that far. Federal unions avoid it having to go that far by talking it out with management. TSA is only shooting themselves in the foot and you FOOT the bill.
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