2:15 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Not enough guys.
    We need to take care of our own house before spending on someone elses. So, regarding foreign aid...cut it...all of it. 100%. So much of that money is grossly mis-used anyway. Let "them" fend for themselves rather then allow them to line their pockets off of the backs of hard-working American taxpayers. Also, President Obama talked about redundencies in the Fed. Well, how about cutting one of the biggest, costliest, and most intrusive and unnecessary redundency: the Department of Homeland Security. This agency and the cabinet seat that was created for it was all a reaction to 9/11 and...was totally unnecessary. We have fine police forces already in place. That, plus (!) the FBI, Secret Service, and the CIA, the last thing we need is another attack on our civil liberties, especially by a group of self-important FBI (or whatever) want-a-bes. The DHS is the type of agency and expenditure that people need to wake-up and realize what a mistake it was. The President should thank them all very much for their service...and let them go! If these agents are really competent (considering those that I have met, most need a serious attitude adjustment), then they can apply to the other security agencies mentioned above. Or, how about this idea, put the programs out there on the internet and allow the American public vote for what they want to pay for...yea, RIGHT!
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  • Standing Ovation - We need to take care of our home FIRST....
    I could not agree more with Glen G. The sort of wasteful money that we GIVE to others while American Citizens are just steps from being homeless. Let's look at a recent example... EGYPT, they get a HUGE amount of "aid". The amount varies each year and there are many different funding streams, but U.S. foreign assistance to Egypt has averaged just over $2 billion every year since 1979, when Egypt struck a peace treaty with Israel following the Camp David Peace Accords. U.S. officials have long argued that the funding promotes strong ties between the two countries’ militaries, which in turn has all sorts of benefits. For example, U.S. Navy warships get “expedited processing” through the Suez Canal. Does this aid require Egypt to meet any specific conditions regarding human rights? No. Defense Secretary Gates stated in 2009 that foreign military financing “should be without conditions.” Who benefits from the military aid? Obviously the aid benefits Egypt’s military and whatever government it supports, which has so far been Mubarak’s. Foreign military financing is a great deal for Egypt—it gets billions in no-strings-attached funding to modernize its armed forces and replace old Soviet weapons with advanced U.S. weaponry and military equipment. The State Department has stated, that equipment has included fighter jets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, Apache helicopters, anti-aircraft missile batteries and aerial surveillance aircraft. Egypt can purchase this equipment either through the U.S. military or directly from U.S. defense contractors, and it can do so on CREDIT. In 2006, the GAO noted that Egypt had entered some defense contracts in advance of—and in excess of—its military assistance appropriations. Some of those payments wouldn’t be due in full until 2011, the GAO said. The other group that benefits from this aid arrangement is U.S. defense contractors. As we reported with Sunlight Foundation, contractors including BAE Systems, General Dynamics, General Electric, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin have all done business with the Egyptian government through relationships facilitated by HIGH-POWERED DC LOBBYIST. Lobbyist in their own right, are the downfall of our country, blackmailing lawmakers to vote their "cause" or else.
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  • See the foreign "aid" waste for yourself!
    See the foreign "aid" waste for yourself! http://www.usaid.gov/policy/budget/money/
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