6:48 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Program cuts
    It is simply amazing that none of these discussions talk about the amount of over spending on federal support contracts. In many cases, the government is paying three to four times the amount than a federal worker.
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  • They still don't get it
    1. It can't be polticial 2. The Federal Workforce is the primary blockade to almost all federal reform (pay for performance, downsizing, recruiting reform etc.) and they need to have input, perhaps, but not be a voter in any efforts as they will always strive for the status quo over what is actually best for the government and the country in terms of increasing performane of or reforming how the government does its work. 3. Real experts are needed, not Congress or the White House, and not contractor of the month, real individuals in the fields of Supply Chain, Logisitcs, Human Capital, Customer Service etc. not the executives the guys in the trenches that are best in the world at this stuff. Bring them in as contractors let them design the changes then empower them to implment same.
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