3:57 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Put Coast Guard back in DOD
    If I am correct the Coast Guard has never been under DOD other than during time of war. This is due to the law enforcment roles the Coast Guard preforms. If I remember correctly if the Coast Guard was under DOD they by law could not maintain the current law enforcment missions. At least that is my understanding.
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  • Put Coast Guard back in DOD
    @Mike6219: You're right. Originally, the Coast was part of the Department of Treasury, then move over to the Department of Transportation, then moved over to DHS. It was never formally part of DoD. So, WTOP, please get your facts straight. The USCG was under the operational control of the Navy during wartime before it got put into DHS. From my prespective as a retired Navy Reserve officer, I don't see where the savings would come. The Coast Guard's missions cut across several departmental lines (safety, law enforcement, environmental protection, homeland defense, etc.) It has always been underfunded for all of their missions. The cost of changing all the administrative items (logos, pay systems, etc.) would wipe out any potential savings. In addition, the Posse Comitatus Act would have to undergo major revisions for the Coast Guard's law enforcement mission to continue. Essentially, the regular military forces are not allowed to do law enforcement except under special conditions. In fact, when I was supporting drug enforcement missions, we had to have a token Coast Guard prescence on the ship or the station to keep it legal. This is not a well-thought out idea.
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  • He better do his homework first....cause more problems then resolve.
    I am a US Coast Guard veteran and would like to point out a couple of problems with putting the CG with DOD. First is the Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. ยง 1385) passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction. The main reason the CG has alway been with civilian departments is the right to arrest. You go to DOD and they are forbidean by law to arrest. This is why a CG Officer is on Navy Ships, because of the ability to arrest on the high seas. Second, the CG originated in the Department of Treasury, and has alway been part of the Civilian branch simply because of its primary mission to save life and property at sea and to protect the homeland's Coast Line. In the begining of the CG, then called Revnue Marine, it was tasked with collecting tarraffs for US Customs/Treasury. That is why to this day the CG Ensign flown on ships has the CG crossed anchor crest on the US Treasury Flag. The US Treasury Flag was specifically designed for the Revenue Marine ships so foreign vessels could easly spot the red strips on white background. Mr Paul should take some time and learn about the CG before he upsets the entire apple cart. CG is the OLDEST consecutive Sea Going Force in the US, and is NOT the US NAVY. I spent time in Viet Nam under the NAVY, but I will tell you this, the CG command structure and its mission "Operation Marketime" remained pure Coast Guard run, we only SUPPORTED the Navy when necessary. FInally, the CG does MANY things the NAVY does not and cannot, it must remain under DHS. It now has a home that matches the Mission the CG always had.
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  • Not Originally A Defense Agency
    Buffalo Bob
    I like Rand Paul's economic messages. (Or, maybe I dislike Obama's and Bush's economic messages!) But, the Coast Guard was not originally a defense agency. The original purpose of the Coast Guard's predecessor was to collect taxes, primarily import taxes. It also collected taxes on ships registered in the U.S.A. I imagine by now that someone has told Rand this.
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