7:37 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Weather Woes
    Tera S.
    Bah, humbug. Kansas City is expecting freezing rain followed by up to 14 inches of snow. Will we be expected at work tomorrow? Yep. Snow days for Washington workers aren't breaking news. They're business as usual. Let us know when the rest of the country gets some time off.
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  • Day Off?
    You do realize that "unscheduled leave" is not a day off correct? It means you can just take off without any repercussions from your supervisors (as if there were any of those anyway). I think once people realize they aren't getting "free" leave, they will hop in their cars and come to work if they have no way of teleworking.
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  • Haters are just Haters
    Lisa Lisa
    The DC area at least south of DC hasnt had any activity. For the pussballs that make it their life (apparently no other life expectations exist) to p and moan about DC fed workers..get a real life...I mean honestly..until you live in this area, you just dont get it. Its like trying to be a sports anchor and have never seen the game played. Because you have no life other than to wait for the opportunity to bash fed workers , I assume you saw the footage of what happened last week. People stranded for 13 hrs. People were killed, vehicles were totaled or left abandoned, kids at daycares were stranded until the wee hours of night because parents couldnt get to them. Roads cant be plowed or treated because you have hundreds of thousands of cars on every artery and vein within a 15 mile radius trying to get home because OPM made a bad call or bosses dont have common sense to permit people to leave BEFORE the storm started at 3PM. On a good sunny day, traffic is a parking lot-put some snow and ice to the mix and at rush hour, it gets downright dangerous. There are corporations and fed workers that are in the DC metro area. 300, 000 people in and 300, 000 out most within a 2 hr rushhour window. Because we dont normally get lots of snow, we dont have the resources to tackle snow effectively. In DC you have tiny streets throughout and within those tiny streets are lots of pedestrians, bikers, cars, and buses. When a storm hits at rush hour, its a disaster. Despite OPM saying to leave work 2 hrs early, it looks like everyone decided to leave at 3 PM. Those that work until 5 left at 3, those that work until 6 also left at 3 and those that normally work until 3-4 also left at 3. Fed workers are also aware of the "I hate Feds" attitude and so many stayed-for that many lost their cars, had to pay astronomical daycare expenses because their kids couldnt be retrieved on time, and lets throw in many had no power for days on end. So to the haters, just worry about your own self, your family and your happiness-stop trying to bring people down with your own apparent misery.
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  • More Like Sour Grapes
    Tera S.
    I'm a fed with plenty of accumulated leave. I have school age children that I have to arrange care for when school is cancelled and work isn't. Less than two weeks ago it took me over an hour to get from my downtown workplace to the highway less than three blocks away (and another two hours to get home). I'm expecting the commute to be even worse tonight. I'm not angry that your bosses care about your safety and grant you leave (without possible conduct reprecussions) during dangerous weather. I'm upset that mine don't.
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