5:34 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Post-CSRS Retirement
    I retired in Sept, 2008 after 38 yrs, 7 mos of Federal service. I was on the "interim retirement payment" for only 3-months before my final retirement payment commenced with 01-DEC-2008. The "interim payment" was approximately $1,000- less a month than what my final amount was, not TOO bad. I basically do not agree with Mr. Porter's statement for the Thrift Fund. I retired as a GS-14, step 8, without any marital adjustment, and I find that my Federal pension is more than sufficient for my monthly needs. I'm in a travel status for most of the year with hikes in the Southwest USA during Apr-May and Sep-Oct of each year, usually take a cruise with my wife in February, vist my wife's mother on a lake in Michigan in Jul-Aug, and attend SEC college football games for the latter part of Oct and Nov. We do not have a mortage to pay, but property taxes here in Virginia are high enough. I have no need for any long-term care insurance since my monthly pension payments, currently CSRS, Navy retirement, and when I get 66 a Social Security payment large enough to cover my Medicare 'B' costs, will be more than sufficient to cover the monthly costs of any long-term care facility. I DO agree with Mr. Porter's pre-retirement check-list. Also, about 6 to 8 months before your planned retirement, get an estimate of your retirement payments from your personnel office. If you are post-military like I was, pay back to the CSRS any post-1955 retirement premiums BEFORE retirement. Just my take.
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