7:05 am, May 29, 2015

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  • snow dismissals, delays and closings
    SSA Fed
    I think Barry made a good decision and his bases, as explained in this interview, were well founded. I also think Commissioner Astrue made a good decision for SSA. People are too quick to complain and blame. D.C. and Baltimore are amongst the top five worst areas for commuting. We have the opportunities and benefits of good jobs and we choose to work in this area. If you don't want to deal with gridlock or bad weather, you should move elsewhere.
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  • OPM forgot extended flex schedules
    While it's true that not every federal employee works 9-5 anymore and some get into work at 5 am, there are many of us who not only come in to work around the more typical 8 - 9 am hour, we also work an extended daily flex schedule. This allows us to put in extra hours 9 days of every pay period and in exchange we get one day flex (or off) a pay period, still working a normal 40 hour work week. I work from 8:30 - 6:00. The gridlock problems that federal employees contributed to with the 2 hour early departure were not all because fed employees stayed later than they were told to. Some of us work later than OPM seems to have taken into consideration because of the use of flex time. I DID heed the 2 hour warning, and thus I left DC for Northern Virginia at 4:00 pm. I take the red line to the end of the blue line at Franconia/Springfield, not a short metro commute. On average the metro ride takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. Metro was running fine so I got to my car about 5:15 pm instead of the usual 7:15 pm. Because I got to my car right in the thick of the storm, right when it was forecast to be heavy, however, even having left 2 hours early, my commute from the metro garage to my house then took 3 hours instead of the normal 15 minutes. So it appears that OPM forgot to take the flex time extended work day into consideration. It also appears that OPM did not take into consideration that many of us commute long distances - so those of us who left DC 2 hours early still ended up on the roads right when the National Weather Service said it would be heavy because it would start between 3 and 4 pm and "would come fast and heavy" (quoting John Berry)! So how is leaving DC for outlying suburbs at 3 pm (or even 2 pm) going to help? If it's going to start between 3 and 4 and be fast and heavy, shouldn't we have been home teleworking - and therefore off the roads - by 3 pm?
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