7:56 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Thursday's Two Hour Delay Opening
    I normally support the decision OPM makes becuase I can usually get to MARC and ride in. Today the Brunswick line is closed, so I thought maybe Ride-On. No luck. Not starting until after 10 and only weekend schedule. None of the routes near my run on weekend. Cannot leave my house. Trying to TELEWORK but not enough capacity - have not been able to log in all morning. Today's decsion was VERY POOR!
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  • Dumb, dumb, dumb idea OPM
    Larry C
    After yesterday's debacle not closing today was ridiculous. Hell even the DC government closed. All of your employees don't live one mile from work. Some as far as 70 miles away (probably more) and you should care about them just as much! On top off that over 300,000 customers in the DC area without power. Take care of your people and take one stressful issue off their plate especially after they spent 5 or more hours on the road getting home last night. Last year the OPM was smart but caught a little grief for closing. I was happy that finally after 20 years they seemed to really care about their employees. After today I think they don't.
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  • No reason to close
    There was no reason to close the federal government today. The delayed opening, with an option for unscheduled leave/telework was sufficient. People in my office from Stafford County in Virginia and Waldorf, MD, as well as many points in-between made it to work. Sure, some people decided to stay hom, but that was their choice. (I took the bus and subway and it took no longer than it usually does if I take them.) If major roads and public transportation are shut down, it's one thing, but that was not the case today. (I don't know what I-66 was like, but out people that used I-395 said it wsa fine.) As for yesterday, I think that was the correct call, too. The people I know whoi had problems ignored the early dismissal. Liek the article said, they looked outside and said they'd stick around. The ones who listened to the weather reports left early. (Yes, some had to take an hour or so of annual leave, in addition to the two hours.) When all the forecasters, the Weather Channel, weather.com, etc. are reporitng it will start snowing around 3-4:00 p.m.. and will be really heave from 5 -9:00 p.m., I'm not going to look out the window at noon and decide I know something they don't.
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  • No Reason to Close?
    We're all happy that you're so proud of getting in to your office today! Your diligence and dedication is above and beyond what is expected from normal people! What is fine for you or your fellow eager beavers is not fine for others that may not have sufficient annual leave to take unscheduled leave or may be out of power or may be just plain tired from their hours long commute home and coordinating retrieving kids from an extended daycare situation and a whole bunch of other emergencies that cropped up because of a fast moving storm. The OPM decision to release employees 2 hours earlier than their normal departure time was laudable based on the once in lifetime accurate weather forecast! However, the problem lies in that not all Federal employees leave at 3 or 4 in the afternoon as their regular scheduled time of departure! Too bad the wizards at OPM didn't figure that one out! As for today, those of us with sufficient leave stayed home but those without? It wouldn't stop the ship of state to cough up an 8 hour admin day here and there! It's a morale builder and motivator and worked fine in the military. There are also private companies that use initiative and cut a little slack knowing the return will be greater. Civil servant doesn't mean CIVIL SLAVE! If you want to act like one, fine, the rest of us have more common sense and compassion!
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  • OPM: Thundersnow, human nature created traffic mess
    Know I'm going to take a hit for this, but here goes anyway. I believe OPM's decisions yesterday and today were right on target. As adult, we need to take some personal responsibility for our own lives. Unless you are brand new to the area, you know that our traffic grid locks at the mere mention of a drop of any kind of precip. Everyone had the same access to the many many weather reports from various sources mostly saying the same thing--heavy snow starting between 4-5 p.m. Not noon, or 2 p.m. For those of you whose agencies did not get the word out immediately, OPM posts government operating schedules and status on its web site. You can also sign up for email notification. You don't have to wait to be spoon fed information that you may find useful; being proactive will allow you to plan ahead.
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  • Fed being open
    Its simple. Berry is afraid of a tongue lashing from the President, and thinks that telework is a cure-all. After most people spent 6-13 hours getting home (some blame lies with the bus companies) and then, most major commuter lines not operating today, the Fed should have closed-- end of story. All of the local governments were still urging people to stay off the roads this morning so they could clean up-- and if your office doesn't have telework, or you work with information you can't access from home, then your only option was forced leave-- and that is BS. As for his secretary using her iPad-- Hey genius-- not all agencies use systems that are Mac compatible (which is a shame in its own right). Berry should be ashamed that he doesn't have the nerve to really protect Federal workers. How about giving us 9 hours of comp time then?
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  • Talking about the "Tongue Lashing..." :)
    Hahaha, you're absolutely right DCAV8R. I heard a News commentator or News Radio Reporter said "and the DC School is closed today"; then he paused for a second or so and asked "Wait a minute, did I really say that the DC school is closed today?"; then he laughed out loud and continued on with something like "well, they have never closed before..." meaning of after Mr. Obama moved into the White House, he called all of us the Washingtonian "a bunch of wimps" for closing everything out on the Snow days; and that made the DC government folks afraid of shutting down their public schools on these snow days. :)
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